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Growing up in various parts of the world, our writers are all third culture kids who have come back to Taiwan to live and explore our cultural roots. We have various hobbies. Some of us are foodies, some are hikers, while others are into the arts. We’ve all come together sharing our one common interest, sharing Taiwanese culture.


We noticed there was a lack of English content sharing some really local experiences, so a group of us decided to create a few blog posts in hopes to help visitors of Taiwan to get a grasp and get your bearings around touring our beloved country. Below are some social media accounts and local tours we believe really help show the ins & outs of the country, avoiding those tourist traps.


In the Taipei Eats Instagram profile you can follow and discover a large range of eats in Taiwan. Varying from the most authentic street food to finer dining.

Quirky Taiwan

My everyday life about portrait, travel and wedding photographer. Stories of my life and work.



My travel days with describe, tips and tricks, and a lot of colorful photos.