Iconic Food Tour

Our original Iconic tour takes you on an authentic culinary and visual journey. We’ll sample classic Taiwanese dishes from both award winning chefs and in-the-know local’s restaurants.

4 hours  |  12 tastings  |  $70 USD

Old School Food Tour

Discover the historical side of Taipei. Sample traditional Taiwanese recipes handed down over generations and walk through a district rich in cultural and architectural history.

4 hours | 10 tastings | $85 USD

Taipei Night Market Tour

The local foodie’s night market. A truly off-the-beaten path experience, oblivious to tourists and guide books. Your hotel concierge will be surprised you’re going!

2 hours | 6-7 tastings | $60 USD

JiuFen & Sky Lantern Tour

*Offered by Toplogy* After filling your bellies with us, save some time to visit the historical town of Jiufen. Enjoy the famous taro balls & release sky lanterns!

9 hours | Incld Transport | $100 USD

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City Bike Tour

*Offered by Taipei Bike Tours* Pedal around historic streets, traditional markets, grand architecture, immaculate temples, and more! Listen to fun facts from your guide about the culture and history of the city as you go.

4 hours | Incld Bike | $58 USD

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