Take the Xinyi Tour!

The Taipei Eats Xinyi food tour takes participants through an entirely different side of a district typically associated with sleek shopping malls, food courts, and Taipei 101. We’ll lead you away  from tourist crowds  and on a search for authentic Taiwanese food.

The tour begins at a bustling traditional market; from seasonal fruits to piping hot green onion bread, you’ll taste the best the market has to offer. We then wind through back alleys in search of local favorites; from refreshing cold sesame noodles and pork belly stuffed Taiwanese burgers – and onto the more adventurous stinky tofu and betel nut! Witness modern Taiwanese creativity in a stroll through Eslite Songyan Culture Park, then fly-by Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall for a taste of Taiwan’s past – all topped off with old-school Taiwanese icy treat caps. Sound enticing?  

When do the tours take place? 

The Xinyi tour runs rain or shine; every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 11:00am to 2:30pm ( Due to the heat, tours in June – August start at 4:00PM)

What’s included? 

All planned food and beverage tastings are included in ticket price, more than enough to leave you satisfied.

How many people in each tour?

We take up to a maximum of 8 people per tour group.

What should I wear? 

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking. Bring rain gear or sun protection; our tour takes place rain or shine.

How much do the tours cost? 

The Xinyi tour costs 70USD per person.

Tastings are subject to vendors’ availability. Please note we will not be tasting stinky tofu on Tuesdays, but will have a creamy bubble tea as substitute.
About Xinyi

Anchored by a slew of massive shopping malls and the towering Taipei 101, the Xinyi District is Taipei’s most cosmopolitan district. The presence of the Taipei City Hall and the World Trade Center, as well as many corporate offices, make Xinyi Taipei’s de facto financial center. As a center of nightlife, Xinyi’s sleek buildings are home to scores of clubs, lounges and a wide variety of both fine dining restaurants and chain restaurants. The name of the game is “new”: the offerings of the area constantly.

However, Xinyi also has quieter corners, away from the tourist crowds radiating from Taipei 101. The alleys around Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall teem with independent boutiques, cafes and eateries; while other sections (including the area our tour covers) has retained an old-school charm – with vendors and customers going about their business the way they have for decades, unfazed by the commercial bustle occurring just minutes away.

About the Traditional Wet Market

A visit to one of Taiwan’s traditional “wet” markets can be both shocking and invigorating for the senses. Noisy, crowded and overwhelmingly lively, the wet market has long been a source of traditional street eats that far outstrip the tastes of the more touristy night markets. Although most markets are busiest in the morning, some go on until well into the afternoon. It is at Taiwan’s traditional markets that one can nab the best deals on local vegetables, free-range meat, and a mind-boggling selection of cooked foods. The markets are called “wet” due to the ever-damp floors, hosed down frequently. The vendors are largely independent, and transactions are mainly done through cash. Bargaining is not only allowed, but encouraged. Discerning housewives sift through piles of fruit with quick precision.

Once a vital part of Taiwanese domestic life, wet markets are now fading with the rise of supermarket chains and fast-food options. Combined with longer working hours and changed family dynamics, the practice of an early morning or late afternoon shopping stroll thorugh the neighborhood market is rapidly dwindling. On the Taipei Eats Xinyi food tour, we’ll take you through one of Taipei City’s lengthiest and busiest traditional markets, still drawing a healthy number of local shoppers each day.